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Orchid myths debunked

Many people are quite hesitant in growing  beautiful orchids thinking it is difficult. In fact, it is actually easy to grow these plants. When growing orchids, replicating its natural habitat is very important as it will help them grow really well.

Still there are several myths that need to be corrected, we listed a few below.

1. ‘Orchids? I know it’s a beautiful flower!’

We know a lot of people automatically picture orchids as a beautiful flower. Orchids are not just about flowers. Some have tiny, small flowers with others having uniquely shaped leaves and stems.


2. ‘It’s difficult to grow an orchid’

Orchid growers wouldn’t be earning a large income from orchid cut flowers if these plants are difficult to grow. Of course there are types which are quite hardy and would perish if they are not well maintained. One tip is to learn the correct methods of cultivation for each type of orchids.


3. ‘It needs to be in tropical climate to grow’

Orchids can easily adapt on different climates which makes this statement a myth. They can survive in hot or cold temperatures and has been grown all over the world. Orchids from the tropics would grow well in hot and humid temperatures while those grown from temperate regions would grow well on lower temperatures.  One tip is to grow them in similar conditions as their natural habitat.


4. ‘Orchids need lots of water to grow’

It not actually good to water the orchids excessively as it may rot or decay them. One example is the epiphytic orchids because these survive in drought-like conditions in nature and have developed methods to conserve water. They only need to be moist with good air circulation.